About Us

Providing independent insurance solutions since 1990

Why the Name Twin Oak?

 “My Father started a company when I was born, called Twin Oak Products, Inc.  That name was important to him because of two large oak trees that were on his family farm, in Illinois.  The two oak trees represented stability, strength, and to him, family. He eventually went on to start an Arabian horse farm and called it Twin Oak Arabians.  This was a place I had many fond memories of growing up.  My Father passed away in 2017 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.  The name Twin Oak had a special significance to my dad, and the name means a lot to me because he poured his life into these enterprises to make a living for his family.”
- Shaun McDuffee, Founder Twin Oak Insurance Services
We felt that the name “Twin Oak” was also symbolic of the two critical piece, of any good risk management strategy. We believe that Life insurance and disability insurance are the “Twin Oaks” that anchor every Professional’s Financial Plan.
“You may have a sizable Income, and a decent sized investment portfolio, but without a comprehensive Risk Management plan, everything you own - and your family’s future well-being - is at risk.”   - Shaun McDuffee

Our Philosophy

Decades ago, insurance agents focused solely on risk management - ensuring that primary income earners acquired sufficient Income Protection (Disability Insurance) and life insurance, to meet their families’ financial needs if they were to die prematurely, or become sick or injured.
But as time passed, and a myriad of investment products became available, many agents stopped focusing on life and disability insurance to devote their practices to managing investments. Slowly, risk management slid from the only focus, to a secondary focus. Today, unfortunately, our industry has migrated so far away from a focus on risk management that few financial advisors have expertise with life insurance or disability insurance.  
“For nearly three decades I helped Physicians and Dentists develop comprehensive financial plans.  The past decade I have notice a very disturbing trend.  Most of the people I would sit down with have done little, to nothing, in terms of developing a solid risk management plan to protect them, and their families.  
The reality is that few of the people advising them today are spending the time to explain the importance of these products to the financial plan.  You can have the best investment plan/retirement plan, but if you suddenly lose your income, or your family loses the primary breadwinner, you can throw the investment/retirement plan out the window because its useless.” - Shaun McDuffee
Unlike managing large portfolios, and helping people with investments, helping families secure insurance isn’t sexy, but its absolutely crucial to everything that the family does from a planning perspective moving forward.
Our mission is to replace the “Economic Value” that the primary income earner(s) brings to their family, should something happen to them.  We do this by using a combination of Disability and Life Insurance.  
Our goal with Disability Insurance is to ensure that we help professionals replace as much of their actual take home income as possible, if an accident, illness, or injury occurs.  It’s crucial that a Professional carry private disability coverage that protects THEIR OCCUPATION.   If you are unable to do the duties of YOUR specific occupation, your income will drop, and it needs to be replaced by your disability insurance.  Most people, incorrectly, assume their group DI coverage will protect them, but in fact they need private DI coverage to adequately protect them (put link to the DI page- group vs private)
Our goal with life insurance is to ensure that people replace their “human life value” if something catastrophic happens.   Human life value is the loss a family will suffer if its primary income earner dies prematurely. When we insure a person’s life, we need to provide enough coverage to replace the amount of money he or she could earn throughout an entire lifetime. Few people are insured to their human life value.   Most individuals are severely underinsured with life insurance.  The rule of thumb is you want to carry 1 Million of death benefit for every $50,000 of income you are wanting to replace.
What is life insurance? It is a promise kept:
“Life insurance is a promise kept. The promise is that if you purchase life insurance and then die, your family members will receive money to help them avoid financial difficulties. Upon the death of an income earner who has life insurance in place, a financial advisor delivers a check to the beneficiaries, keeping the promise that was made the moment the life insurance policy went into effect.”[1]
No other financial product can make a claim like that.

[1]. Edward G. Deutschlander, P. Shaun McDuffee and Phillip C. Richards, Promises Kept: Industry Legends Share How People of Character Keep Promises Through the Miracle of Life Insurance (Minneapolis: North Star Resource Group, 2016).