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Welcome to Twin Oak Insurance Services

 Twin Oak Insurance Services provides customized risk-management solutions, tailored to meet the needs of Physicians and Dentists. Our clients appreciate the fact that we specialize in them, and we understand their unique situations, and demanding schedules.
We have decades of experience helping Physicians and Dentists across the country protect their families and their livelihood.   We are completely independent and have the ability to shop all the primary carriers who specialize in Medical Professionals.

The most important part of your financial plan is Risk Protection - specifically, Disability Insurance and Life Insurance - the “twin oaks” of risk management.

​Why is it critical to protect your business and your family from the unknown (premature death, injury, or disability)? These statistics say it all:

In 2007, 62 percent of all personal bankruptcies filed in the United States were due to the inability to pay medical expenses.
(Source: The American Journal of Medicine, based on a Harvard University report, June 24, 2009)

In the past 10 minutes, 490 Americans became disabled.
(Source: National Safety Council, Injury Facts®, 2010 edition)

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